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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unitrack Double Crossover

In terms of versatility, the Unitrack double crossover is one of the most versatile pieces of track in the N scale Unitrack lineup.

You can use it with the new double Unitrack line as well as single sections of Unitrack.

The double crossover operates flawlessly and all four parts of the double crossover operate in unison. One controller operates the double crossover.

For those of you who are using DCC or DC, one stationary decoder controls the double crossover. You cannot use a Digitrax  DS51k1to control the double crossover. The Digitrax DS51k1 can only control one switch/turnout. The double crossover is composed of four Unitrack # 6 switches/turnouts. A Digitrax DS-52, a Digitrax DS-64 and a Lenz LK100 can control the Unitrack double crossover without any problems.

I used four double crossovers on the "Original" JJJ&E for over nine years. I'm incorporating the four Unitrack double crossovers on the "New" JJJ&E track plan as well due to their flexibility and reliability.

This unit is the only double crossover in N scale and many users of other brands of track try to incorporate this valuable track section on their layouts.

You can purchase this valuable track section online for about $55. It is well worth that price since it is four # 6 turnouts combined into one unit.

Wiring a double crossover to your layout is straight forward and not complicated. Each arm of the Unitrack double crossover require one pair of feeders to insure that a locomotive doesn't stall as it passes through the double crossover.

Give it a try on your layout. You'll be happy with the results and versatility that this track section provides on your layout.

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